Various – single sticker


Hand-cut single sticker with a glossy finish featuring cute carnivorous plants and deep-sea animals

Get some wildlife on your belongings!

These single hand-cut stickers originally done in watercolour feature different cutified flora and fauna species: carnivorous plants and cute deep-sea animals!

If you got a green thumb go for one of the carnivorous plants to stick in your bullet journal, on your laptop or your phone case. Love the unknown and mysterious? Dive in for the deep-sea creatures that lurk far beneath the surface.

From top left to bottom right position:

Sundew, Pitcher plant with a bat, Venus flytrap
Flapjack Octopus, Chimaeriformes, Squid, Frogfish

All shown stickers will be soon available with a glitter foil layer!


You can also order all three carnivorous plants from these stickers as postcard here:  Carnivorous plants

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