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Various notepads featuring Les Misérables and witchcraft themed motifs. More to come
Product details: 50 sheet, A6 ( 10,5 cm x 14,8 cm )

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Ever needed a notepad to get your ideas down to business?

We got various motifs and themes to capture your running thoughts properly.
Done writing? Just rip it off the notepad and put it on display if needed. Shopping lists, general notes or small letters are so much more fun with a cool background!

At the moment there are two different themes available:

Les Misérables – for all your revolutionary ideas! Can also be used to build little paper barricades. Students not included

Witchcraft –  for all the ingredients you need for your charms, potions and spells. A soft beehive pattern in the background makes your magical shenanigans honey-sweet with a flavour of good-willed magic

Stay creative and start writing!


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