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Some circle 3mm acrylic charms with various nerdy themed prints. They come attached on a keychain.

Measurements: ~46 x 52 mm

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Toss a Coin to your inner Geek!

Ever wanted to take a small token with you on your different journeys to signal other people what you like? Choose a companion from our adorable Geek charm collection and show your favourite items to the world while you travel – or just simply take the bus to school or work.

These cute round charms are made of acrylic glass and come with a metal chain with a safety closure to keep your charms always at hand – whether you choose to hang them on a sports bag or on a trophy wall, it’s your choice 🙂

  Zelda Rupee green,  red, blue (these are transparent)
  Animal Crossing Bell, Pentagram (this one is partly transparent), Pokéball

You can also order pride flag charms in the same size here: Pride flags – charms

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