The Witcher – sticker sheet


An A5 sized sticker sheet with a matte finish showing characters inspired by Netflix’ series “The Witcher”. Featuring Geralt of Rivia, Ciri, Yennefer, Jaskier and a bathtub.

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Not getting enough of The Witcher?

Fear not, dear traveller! This A5 sticker sheet ready to be cut out by your skilled hands answers your call for adorable Witcher stickers!

Originally done in watercolour they are fitting to get on laptops, tablets, notepads and phone cases. Especially the Tub Geralt is very happy to be paired with his caring Tub Bard.

Small speech bubbles can be added to the various motives or used solo, just have fun.

Once applied the stickers will only come off with a good chamomile scrub – they are not removable.


You can also order the motifs from the sticker sheet and even more as cut out single stickers here: The Witcher – single sticker

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