Les Misérables – sticker sheet


An A5 sized sticker sheet with a glossy finish showing characters inspired by Victor Hugo’s Les Misérables


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Do you hear the people sing?

Get your personal revolution going with this A5 Les Misérables sticker sheet featuring the Les Amis d’la ABC!

From top left to bottom right position:

Grantaire, Gavroche, Enjolras
Courfeyrac, Combeferre, Bahorel, Marius Pontmercy
Feuilly, Jean “Jehan” Prouvaire, Joly, Bossuet / Legles

Free them of their prison with your scissors and show your passionate revolutionary soul to the world. Originally done in watercolour the students of Victor Hugo’s acclaimed novel can’t wait to aid your daily life.

Every Amis sticks to their surface faithfully and till the end – they are not removable.

Sing the song of angry men and adopt them today


You can also order the buttons with several Les Miserables themes motifs here: Les Misérables Buttons

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