Les Misérables – buttons

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Some Buttons with references to Les Misérables, barricades and France.

Measurements: 55 mm (mirror buttons), 38 mm (various other buttons)

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Do you hear the people sing?

Show your love for Les Misérables with these buttons!

If you want to check your appearance before wooing your personal Cosette or if you are representable for your revolution get the mirror button decorated with a french rosette. A handy small mirror with a total of 55mm size that fits in every purse or bag.

The other motifs are for people who favour more subtle fan merchandise but still want to show their favourites to the world. Choose between ‘Vive la Republique’, a french cockade, Enjolras, Grantaire or the writing ‘To The Barricades’ with the logo of the Wolpertinger Constellation game. All of them are 38 mm in size and can be attached to any fabric surface, a single pin on the back secures the button in place.


You can also order a sticker sheet with Les Misérables ‘ characters: Les Misérables – sticker sheet

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