Ineffable Husbands – heart charm


A heart-shaped charm with Aziraphale and Crowley loving each other very much with a black and a white resin wing as decoration.

Measurements: at the widest point ~5,0 cm, resin wings at the widest point: 2,0 cm

Ineffable Love is in the Air~

This heart charm features Aziraphale and Crowley, the ineffable husbands, on the front and their respective feathers on the back both done in watercolour. Two cute resin wings are attached to the chain to complete this good omen.

The heart charm itself is made from durable plastic and is closed with a removable cover.
With the keyring on the metal chain, you are able to fasten this charm on your favourite bag or even your Bentley-Keyring!

Get this hearty charm and let it fly with you


You can also order the charm’s motif as cut out single sticker here: Ineffable Husbands – single sticker

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