Ghost Wisperer AU

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“There are still some stories left to be told…and I can hear them”

Inspired by Victor Hugo’s Les Misérables and the TV show Ghost Whisperer Max Improving developed an alternate universe with Grantaire as the Ghost Whisperer and the Les Amis as reincarnations  haunted by of their past selfs.

Grantaire is the only one with his memories intact, the others may feel pain, dream bad or are visited by ghosts. The only way to salvation? Grantaire needs to tell his friends what happened and regain their memories…not easy if nobody believes you.

The series features all of the Ghost Whisperer AU pictures, originally done in watercolour and now printed in A6 with a linen structure.

Every Amis has his own card but if you prefer all of them you can get the whole set for a cheaper price!

A small extra motive is a chibi version of a Ghost!Enjolras who tends to annoy chibi Grantaire. Sometimes he is happy to see him, sometimes (as pictured) not.

A perfect heart wretching set for every Les Mis fan.

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Les Misérables Ghost Whisperer AU

Size: A6 (postcard size)

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