Deep Sea Creatures


Deep Sea Creatures on a chart as A4 print on fine structured linen paper with German description of the animals and their Latin names beside them.

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The world is full of wonders and especially the deep sea still holds many secrets.

A few of the shown creatures are only known for a short time and not fully explored till now –

So this A4 print is a fun reminder of the various creatures that live in the vast sea, cutified and with a German name description beside each creature.

⭍  Frogfish, Waller
⭍  Anglerfisch, Axolotl
⭍  Flapjack Octopus, Kalmar
⭍  Cape Rain Frog, Pfeilschwanzkrebs
⭍  Geisterhai, Blobfisch

Get this linen-structured print and give your home a marine touch.


You can also order selected motifs from this print as single stickers here: Various – single sticker

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