Detroit: Become Human


Choose out of three A5 sized sticker sheets with a glossy finish inspired by “Detroit: Become Human” showing characters from the different but interwoven storylines of Kara, Markus and Connor.

We are alive!

Want to androidify your life after playing Detroit: Become Human? Search no more, because we offer three different A5 sticker sheets with various characters inspired by the acclaimed game!

Done in Max Improving’s chibi style each sheet features figures of the different paths you follow.

⭕ Connor sheet: Hank Anderson, Sumo, Gavin Reed, RK-900 / Nines, Chloe, Elijah Kamski, Both Tracis (Ripley and Echo)
⭕ Markus sheet: Karl Manfred, Leo Manfred, North, Simon, Josh
⭕ Kara sheet: Alice, Luther, a bunch of Jerrys, some androids of Zlatko’s house, Ralph

All you need to do to give your belongings a Cyberlife of their own is to cut out the stickers and you’re ready to go.

Please keep in mind these Androids tend to stick to you once they developed feelings – quite literally. The stickers are not removable.

Show your deviant side to the world and get these D:BH sheets!


You can also order selected motifs from the sticker sheet as cut out single stickers here: DBH – single sticker

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