DBH – single sticker

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Hand-cut single sticker (some with a glossy some with a matte finish) featuring selected characters from Detroit: Become Human.

We are alive!

Want a character from Detroit: Become Human sticker for a specific surface but have no time to cut them out by yourself? Don’t worry, we got you! These hand-cut single stickers feature solo motifs from the A5 DBH sticker sheet, all in Max Improving’s chibi style.

⭕ red, yellow and blue LEDs, soda & burger, Alice’s fox plush
⭕ Gavin Reed, RK900 / Nines, RK800 / Connor, Hank Anderson, Sumo, Ralph
⭕ RK 200 / Markus, PL600 / Simon, a bunch of Jerrys, Alice & Luther & AX400 / Kara

All stickers can be selected separately except for the set of LEDs and  Hank’s Chicken Feed menu – you just can’t rob him of his soda OR his burger!
Be deviant and decorate your belongings with these cute stickers and show your love to this acclaimed game and its characters.

Due to different print runs the prices of the motifs might differ. Glitter versions of these stickers will be available soon – the Traci heart motive from the A5 sheet will also be added in the future.


You can also order sticker sheets with characters from Conor’s, Kara’s and/or Markus’ path here: Detroit: Become Human

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