DBH polaroid – charm


A polaroid inspired charm made of durable acrylic glass showing Hank, Connor and Sumo. This keychain is partly transparent so you can take them on vacation with you and take some holiday photos.

Measurements: H 11,5 cm x W 10,0 cm

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We are alive and on vacation ~

Take this partly transparent polaroid charm everywhere you go and let Hank, Sumo and Connor travel to all kinds of places! They deserve it after the events of all those different paths in Detroit: Become Human. This polaroid features the translucent line “Our First Vacation” written by a certain RK800 android better known as Connor as a memory.

Just take your charm, place it in front of any background,  grab your preferred picture-taking device and snap your personal postcard with them.

The charm is fastened on a metal chain and key ring to get on your bag, backpack or suitcase.

Let Connor, Hank and Sumo see the world ~


You can also order some Detroit Become Human themed buttons here: D:BH Buttons

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