Cyberlife Font and Emblem


Let Cyberlife change your life too

Ever wanted a Cyberlife Thirium bottle like the one Markus gets to refresh himself with?
Now you can make your own bottle with this sticker.

The sticker is printed on a transparent foil and every sheet gives you two motives: The Cyberlife emblem that rocks every laptop or tablet and the Cyberlife font that can be put on a plastic or glass bottle.

The font measures from tip to bottom around 16cm so get a bottle that works with that and your good to go! The emblem measures around 6,5 cm so search for a nice spot on your preferred surface.

If you put the sticker on a bottle we recommend soft handwash with water only on the sticker itself – the stickers are not dishwasher safe.

A cool and easy way to give your Cosplay a practical or your normal life a nerdy twist!

Transparent Cyberlife sticker. Can be cut as two stickers for a self made Cyberlife Bottle and a Cyberlife Emblem.

Measurements complete foil sticker: around 22 cm, Font: ~16 cm, Emblem: 6,5 cm

Important Notice​

Due to the ongoing Corona situation parcels will get shipped only once a week, which means a little delay for the shipping time, but reduces the times we have to visit the post office.

Also international shipping (i.e. outside of Germany) can become a problem. If postal prices are way higher than expected or shippments are not possible at that time, we will inform you to find a solution.

Thank you for your understanding and stay safe!