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Step by Step: Your Purchase

To take away any uncertainty when shopping here we show you how every step of ordering products works, how to pay and when you get your items.

Remember: if you have any specific questions, you can write to us anytime via our contact form here. Don’t worry, we are happy to hear from you and are here to help!


Finding item
Choose your item
Your shopping cart
Add coupons
Shipping costs

Initiate the order process
Important: if everything goes correctly you will receive these emails

Walkthrough Ordering

Finding items:

On the main page, all items are published so you easily can scroll through and get an overview of what is in stock.

For a more specific view, you can click on tags (different themes like witchcraft, several fandoms, etc) or categories (product type like buttons, prints etc.). You can find all tags and categories here.

On the main page selected tags are provided as buttons before the items list starts and every item has its category linked on the bottom right. When on a tag/category site you can sort the products by price, latest and popularity.

You want more information about a certain item or see what different varieties are available? Just click on the title or image to see the product’s page where also more images of the items await you.

To get back to the main site just click on the “find more” button in the header. Otherwise, you can click on the categories and tags right under the “add to cart” button to see more related products.

You can also use the search bar!

Choose your items:

When you decided on an item on the main page you can put it directly into your shopping cart by clicking on the shopping cart icon. If there are more options you can choose from, you will be linked to the item’s page where you see what options you have.

When you are on the category or tag sites the shopping cart icon ist replaced by “add to cart” and “select option” buttons. You can choose the amount and several options one after another. Don’t worry, if you made a mistake or want to change anything, you can do so in your shopping cart.

Your shopping cart:

In your shopping cart, you can view all the items you put there. You can now check if everything is to your liking. If you want to add more, you can start your experience all over again by clicking on “Max Improving – Shop” in the menu. To delete items from your shopping cart just click on the “x” in front of the relevant product. If you did so by mistake, you can just undo it by clicking on “undo?” in the information row that appears after deleting an item.

Important: To increase or decrease the number of items just use the arrows in the “quantity” column. Don’t forget to click “update cart” at the end of your items list so it will save your changes!

If you want to visit the product page of specific items again, just click on the image or the title. Now you can select another option or check the item’s information again.

You can reach your shopping cart via the menu or footer, depending on what’s nearer to your actual position. In the footer, you can already see an overview and enter the cart via “view cart” button.

Add coupons:

If you want to add a coupon, just click on the “Have a coupon? Click here to enter your code” line on top of your shopping cart. You can then type or copy-paste your code and click the “Apply coupon” button

Shipping costs:

The cart assumes a shipping destination based on your location and presents you the provisionally shipping costs. This destination might not be the right guess every time.  By clicking on “Change address” you can check and change the address (only the country is necessary at this point) accordingly.

Now you can choose between tracked or untracked shipping.


Initiate the order process:

Satisfied with your shopping cart and can’t wait to get your chosen products? Let’s go to the finishing line!

Click on the “checkout” button and type in your address and e-mail. If you want the items shipped to an address which differs from your billing address check “Ship to a different address?” and add the address accordingly. The provisionally shipping costs will adjust to this destination. If you want to change to tracked or untracked shipping, just go back to your shopping cart where you can choose again / change this.

At the moment you can pay via PayPal or money transfer (IBAN). If you want to pay via PayPal please enter an e-mail in the respective form field. Otherwise, we assume you want to pay via money transfer.

Please note, you don’t have to pay right away. We will send you an extra mail with your payment information after we calculated the final shipping costs. These may differ from the indicated costs depending on size, weight, destination (Germany, EU, worldwide) or current situations.
You can check the most common prices on the shipping costs information site here.

Only after receiving the final price, you have to pay for your order, so you still can check if the shipping costs are within your budget.

Read and agree to ” Terms and Conditions your Right of Recission and our Privacy Policy” by checking the box and then you can hit the “Buy Now” button.

Now we got your order and begin processing it!


You will receive these emails (if not, please contact us):

Order confirmation – after you have gone through the described process and sent your order, you will get a confirmation. It contains your address and all items you ordered.

Payment information – as soon as we checked and calculated your shipping costs, you will get a mail with the final price and payment information.

Payment received – you will be notified when we received your payment so you know everything worked out just fine.

Items are shipped – this means, your items are on their way to your destination!


Pieces of information as links:

Shipping Costs
Shopping Cart
Terms and Conditions (in German)
Tags and Categories
Informationen auf Deutsch (coming soon)


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