“There is nothing like a dream to create a future”

-Victor Hugo

Max Improving

Artist Introduction

Born in 1988 Max Improving studied communication design at the college of applied sciences in Würzburg and achieved a Bachelor of Arts degree.

During his studies he wrote and directed three superhero shows, managed the group ‘Strawberry Heroes’ and kept working on his art portfolio. Besides making commissioned illustrations and print products Max also kept doing one of his passions – stage hosting and developing of sketches and skits.

Max Improving is the main Illustrator for the Pen&Paper system ‘SteaMage’ and got experiences in Game Design, Product Design and Character Design. Since 2018 Max Improving entertains on selected conventions an art booth where people can meet him and purchase the goods that are also available online.

Max loves good food, is outgoing and adores animal videos. Creative working is a big part of his life and is always glad if people enjoy his art shenanigans – no matter if it’s written, acted on stage, a good hosting act, an entertaining presentation or drawings.

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